Practicing Nuke
I started to learn how to use Nuke in the matte painting pipeline,
so created this sequence to learn the basics and some advanced projections.
As you can see on the wip material this setup was pretty simple, I painted and projected all textures, there is no rendered 3d object in the scene.
6 projection cameras were used to create multi planar projection, and the illusion of 3d space.
5 for the projection of the main building and one for the projection of the smaller buildings between the clouds on the left side of the building.
Modelling, lighting, UV, basic renders and animation in Maya,
Textures and matte painting in Photoshop
and full projection setup in Nuke
(with alembic exports between maya and nuke)

It took me almost a year to finish in my freetime.


Eva kedves keyframe 1

Keyframe 1

Eva kedves keyframe 2

Keyframe 2

Eva kedves keyframe 3

Keyframe 3

Eva kedves keyframe 4

Keyframe 4

Eva kedves nuke2

close up with the buildings between the cloud rings, this way the rings create nice parallax between layers as the camera moves.

Eva kedves nuke1

I exported the cameras and the geo with alembic export, than created the Nuke setup, you can see the cloud rings and the camera enagles

Eva kedves nodegraph

node graph

Eva kedves camera1

Projection camera 1 for the opening shot.
first image is the raw render from maya, second one is the final layout created in Photoshop, and the third is the matte paint I projected on the geometry

Eva kedves camera2

Projection camera 2.
raw render, final layout and the third is the matte paint

Eva kedves camera3

Projection camera 3.
raw render, final layout and the third is the matte paint

Eva kedves camera4

Projection camera 4.
raw render, final layout and the third is the matte paint

Eva kedves plus projection

plus projection of the side of the building where the camera turns in front of the building

Eva kedves fg cloud v02

foreground cloud

Eva kedves backgrond buildings

background buildings

Eva kedves cloud bg 2

Background clouds 2, originally 17k wide

Eva kedves cloud bg 1

Background clouds 1, originally 17k wide

Eva kedves cloud ring

Cloud ring, originally 20k wide

Eva kedves rings

rings with the base render and the matte paint, they were projected on a simple card

Eva kedves nebula 02

nebula painting for the background

Eva kedves uv v01

texture created in Photoshop. I used very simple shapes and only a few colors.

Eva kedves maya2

uv layout

Eva kedves maya1

modelling is done, in the background you can see the lights I added, and outliner shows the set up of the maya scene

Eva kedves img 0913

project starter notes, as you can see in the begginning I had multiple ideas of how the tower should look, and how to animate the camera.