Star Trekking - Beam us up!

Star Trekking
personal concept series
Keyframe 5
Kirk and Bones found out that the Klingon caused the infection and kidnapped the rest of Endurance's crew.
They have been exposed and started running. A Klingon patrol pursued them.

Final phase of crystal infection, trees have fallen and are covered with crystals.
I used a screenshot from Into Darkness to block the characters and the Klingon fighter and painted over it.

Eva kedves star trekking vol3 as2

final artwork

Eva kedves star trekking vol3 as bw2


Eva kedves star trekking sketch

sketch for the second idea, location could be between two fallen trees covered with crystals

Eva kedves star trekking doodle 03

first layout idea with the valley full of crystals

Eva kedves star trekking crystal assets

crystal assets

Eva kedves fungi behaviour

behavior and layout reference