Star Trekking - Crystal Infection

Star Trekking
personal concept series
Back in 2016 I attended the ILM art Challenge and did a few Star Wars related artwork and now I wanted to do some Star Trek stuff. I decided to do a cinematic story setting with Klingon as the enemy.
I had this idea of creating a fungi like organism with crystal shapes, a deadly but gorgeous infection.
The crystals hold massive amount of energy and can grow on any type of living organism.
They expand and grow really fast.
The Klingon plant it on planets they rule and the infection literally eats the planet.
When there is nothing left on the surface but the crystal forest, they harvest it by mining.
The conflict begins when they attempt to plant on an independent planet.
The 7 upcoming artwork is about this story.

Eva kedves star trekking doodle 03

last -before harvest- phase, crystals everywhere. first Idea for the chase scene was to place it in a valley, the crystals would grow out from the ground and the cliffs

Eva kedves star trekking doodle 01

first phase, small crystals on the bottom of roots and branches

Eva kedves star trekking doodle 02

final color variation. Second phase of the infection, before the tree trunk falls to the ground.

Eva kedves star trekking doodle 02 original colour

original color of the crystals. this is the first painting I did in the project. I changed my mind and moved forward with a solid, less colorful version to strengthen the contrast of the infection: harmless look with deadly behaviour.

Eva kedves star trekking sketch

and then I started to do sketches based on the collection and replaced the fungus with crystals.

Eva kedves star trekking crystal assets

crystal assets I used to create the infection on each artwork. only 13 pieces but I placed them in different sizes and rotation to achieve almost endless variations.

Eva kedves fungi behaviour

I started the project with this collection,to discover the behavior of different fungus: how and where they grow.