Star Trekking - Endurance in pieces

Star Trekking
personal concept series
Keyframe 1
The federation sent one of it's Colonizing Vessels, the U.S.S. Endurance, to settle on a newly discovered planet in the deep space. After they arrived to their destination the ship didn't send any transmissions and didn't answer any calls.
The crew of Enterprise discovers that Endurance has gone silence because of an attack.
They go into the wreck to search for survivors.

On the planet in the background you can see the signs of the infection planted on the surface. The Klingon plant it with torpedoes or rockets shut into the surface. It grows like a snowflake and brightens the forest.

Eva kedves star trekking vol5 as

final artwork

Eva kedves star trekking vol5 as bw


Eva kedves star trekking vol5 wip

work in progress

Eva kedves star trekking vol5 as infection

close up of the surface- you can see the craters and the expansion of the infection

Eva kedves star trekking uss endurance

U.S.S. Endurance concept sheet