"Hear Me Roar"

as I promised here is the another painting about the Lannisters, a portrait of Cersei.
recently I jumped into costume design, as I was working on several sci fi costumes I decided to do something fantasy related, with lots of golden materials.
It was a real challenge, she is one of the most powerful characters of the series, not my one of my favourites favourite but Lena Headey's performance was very inspiring.
My goal was to show beauty, madness, cruelty and power, which are I think the main points of the character.
The lighting and composition was insipred by Caravaggio's paintings, the costume is photobash with lots of overpainting.
This is my last one this year, hope you like it,
Happy Holidays!

Eva kedves cersei lannister as
Eva kedves cersei lannister bw

black and white

Eva kedves cersei lannister wip1

work in progress